SCORE BIG with Booth’s Hyundai & the Central Coast Mariners.


Get up to $1,000 cashback on any new Hyundai!*


Terms & Conditions:


1) Full ticketed Members(Members) of the Central Coast Mariners Football Club (CCMFC) are eligible to claim $500 redemption from Booth’s Motor Group (BMG) for new Hyundai vehicles purchased in their own or joint names during the promotional period.


2) Full ticketed members are also eligible to claim $500 cash back from Hyundai Motor Company Australia (HMCA) for their purchase.  For full details on eligibility and terms and conditions for this offer go to


3) The offer from BMG is administered separately from the offer from HMCA and BMG will not be responsible for any claims rejected by HMCA for whatever reason.


4) The offer applies to any new Hyundai purchased and delivered from BMG 444 Pacific Highway North Gosford or BMG 192 Pacific Highway Tuggerah up until 31/5/2019.


5) This offer applies to private buyers only.  ABN Holders, fleet buyers, government authorities and agencies or persons acquiring vehicles for business or commercial purposes are excluded.


6) For the purposes of this offer only the following membership packages apply:






Yellow Army


7) BMG at it’s absolute discretion will also allow a 6 game pass to qualify for the $500 cashback. The 6 game pass will not qualify for the $500 cashback offer from HMCA.


8) This offer is not transferable to any other person.


9) To qualify for this redemption offer the member must provide their current CCMFC membership card before their vehicle purchase.


10) Upon verification of membership validity BMG will process the redemption claim and following delivery of the members vehicle will send a cheque to the member for $500. This process may take up to 30 days following delivery.


11) BMG reserves all rights to refuse or reject any claims for the redemption offer if it determines or is of the reasonable opinion that the claimant does not meet or comply with these terms and conditions.


*The $1000 cashback offer consists of $500 cashback from Booths Motor Group and $500 from Hyundai Motor Company Australia administered separately and under separate terms and conditions.