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Learn a little bit more about the Central Coast’s favourite family owned and operated Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Ford dealer.


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Our Story

How long as Booth’s Motor Group been in business on the Central Coast of NSW?
Booth’s Garage, our original Gosford location, first opened in September 1939.
Is Booth’s family owned and operated?
Yes. Fred and Evelyn Booth purchased the business in 1939. And it is still being run today by their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
How many locations does Booth’s currently have?

Booth’s Motor group has locations in both North Gosford and Tuggerah and West Gosford. North Gosford 460 Pacific Highway, North Gosford NSW 2250 (02) 4321 7777 Tuggerah 192 Pacific Highway, Tuggerah NSW 2259 (02) 4353 2244 Booth’s Ford 14 Central Coast Hwy, West Gosford NSW 2250 (02) 4321 6200

How many days a week is Booth’s open?

All our locations are open 6 days a week. Click here to view our North Gosford, Tuggerah and West Gosford store hours.

Why buy from Booth’s?

Booth’s has been a trusted member of the Central Coast community for over 80 years. You won’t find a better price on the Hyundai or Mitsubishi or Ford model you want anywhere else. And when it comes to servicing or repairs, our experts know your vehicle inside and out.   

Our Vehicles

What types of vehicles will I find on the lot at Booth’s Motor Group?
Booth’s is a certified Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Ford dealer.
Does Booth’s sell new and used cars?
Yes! Booth’s has a massive selection of new, used and ex demo cars for sale every day.
What’s an “ex demo” car?
Ex demos are vehicles used for showroom display. Or cars that have been driven short distances by dealer staff or their families. They’re well maintained, low K/high spec vehicles that can often be purchased for $1000s less than new cars that are similarly equipped.
Are test drives available at Booth’s?
Of course. Booth’s even offers a V.I.P. Test Drive experience that allows you to keep the car all day, or even overnight, plus lots of other V.I.P. perks.
Does Booth's have cheaper used "Clearance" cars ?
Visit Booth’s Clearance Centre to view the latest deals on the hottest cars here on the Central Coast.

Our Services

How to I schedule a service with Booth’s?
Simply fill in our online service booking form here to schedule your next service.
Who services my car at Booth’s?
At Booth’s, we only have factory trained technicians that specialise in your make and model servicing your vehicle.
Does Booth’s do warranty work?
Yes. Amongst other types of work. Pink slips, blue slips, repairs and general servicing…we do it all!
Do Booth’s technicians use genuine parts?
Always. Unless specifically requested by the customer, Booth’s only uses genuine Hyundai, Mitsubishi or Ford parts.
Why should I choose a dealer like Booth’s for my servicing?
on top of being factory trained and using only genuine parts, our technicians have access to exclusive equipment and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools that speak directly to your car’s computer systems. The corner mechanic can’t offer that. Also, servicing conducted outside of the dealer network can result in the void of your vehicle’s warranty. So why risk it?

Fleet & Finance

Does Booth’s provide Fleet Sales solutions?
No matter the size of your business, Booth’s specialises in all aspects of Fleet and can tailor a solution to meet your business’ needs.
How do I know if I qualify for Fleet?
Complete a fleet enquiry form or call John Cross on (02) 4321 7777 to learn what your fleet requirements are.
Does Booth’s offer vehicle financing?
Yes. Our Finance Department offers both corporate and consumer lending.
How much will it cost me to lease my next vehicle from Booth’s?
Our Group Business Manager is always happy to discuss specifics. But you can start to get a general idea what your monthly lease repayment might be by using our handy Repayment Calculator here.
Does Booth’s offer extended warranties?
Yes. Talk to a member of our Finance Department today to learn about all of our extended warranty options, plus other financing and leasing services available from Booth’s Motor Group.

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