Gosford Central Coast is growing rapidly but, there’s only so many parking spaces to go around. With more and more cars making an appearance, parking in Gosford has been a major issue for years!


Gosford parking spaces are limited and hard to find. For commuters and workers, finding a parking space that won’t cost them a fortune is a daily struggle.


Many nurses and health professionals are outraged as they are no longer offered free parking. Hospital workers often pay up to $19.90 just to park their car for work.


Don’t despair. There are still many free parking spots in Gosford. Keep reading to find out exactly where to find them!



Ultimate Gosford Parking Guide


Gosford is a major transport hub for commuters. There’s the Gosford CBD business hub, Central Coast Council, the Australian Tax Office, a shopping centre and a stadium. It’s no surprise that commuters are having a hard time finding parking in Gosford.



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We’ve marked the best parking spots on this map. If you want to make sure you’ll find somewhere to park, you need to be on the move as early as possible. These spots do eventually fill up too, so get in quick.


When it comes to parking, every minute counts. For example, there may be several free spots at 7:30 and none left by 8:00. The early bird gets the worm so try to move swiftly.



1. Gosford City Car Park

This central car park is located on Baker Street and can be entered via the roundabout on the intersection of Donnison and Erina Street. Gosford City Car Park is open 6am-8pm on weekdays and 7:30am-3pm on Saturdays.


It’s closed on Sundays and public holidays but, may open for special events that are held at the nearby Central Coast Stadium.


It’s free for the first two hours and it comes to a total of $10 after eight hours. Gosford City Car Park isn’t for those who work late as you have to exit by 8 pm. This is often hard for workers commuting to Sydney, due to track works, delays etc.



2. Commuter Car Park Gosford NSW

The free Gosford commuter car park is conveniently located right next to Gosford Station/ Showground Road. Gosford commuter Car Park is a highly congested parking area since it’s free and open 24/7.


7 am is the absolute latest! Don’t expect to find any spots after 7:30 am. This Gosford train stating parking area fills up quick. It’s also confusing to navigate around, making it a not-so-ideal parking area for everyday commuters. If you’re looking for free parking in Gosford, this is one of the best places, just make sure you get there early.



3. Gosford Parking – Town Centre Car Park

You’ll find this one on Donnison Street. It’s free and open 24/7 but fills up very quickly in the morning. It’s the perfect spot to park in Gosford if you’re heading to the Court House or TAFE.


You’ll be lucky to find a park here after 8:30 am. Consider where you are and where you want to be, Gosford Town Centre Car Park may be your best option.



4. Parking on Gosford Waterfront

This is another great alternative if you find yourself looking for somewhere to park in the southern part of Gosford city. This is a great option to secure Free parking in Gosford howeber, it fills up on weekends as visitors and families occupy the nearby cafe and public swimming pool.


Keep in mind that the majority of spaces here are for cars with trailers. It’s also quite far from Gosford city centre, so it’s not particularly close to most places.



5. Gosford Street Parking

Ah, the Gosford parking battlefield. You will find a few key parking places in the streets of Gosford. However, they’re typically on the Outskirts of the CBD and often timed to a maximum of two hours. They’re free and almost always taken.


These Gosford parking spots are pretty much always filled up. However, if you’re lucky enough to find one, keep in mind that you can only park for a limited amount of time. They’re perfect for short shopping sprees but, not so great if you’re looking for a park during work hours.



6. Gosford High School Parking

You’ll find a small number of car spaces across Gosford High School, between Showground and Racecourse Road. As you’d expect, these fill up quite early in the morning and most of its limited spaces are reserved for school students.


You may find a park here, but you’ll have to arrive early before students show up. It’s free and convenient, but do you really want to take up park space that’s meant for students? Yeah, not very nice.



7. Secure Car park

This is the new and controversial car park built on Showground Road. The multi-storey car park was meant to be the saving grace for the parking crisis plaguing Gosford. However, many refer to the structure as a “money-making exercise”.


Patients and visitors parking at Gosford Hospital’s new car park are expected to pay up to 458% more in fees. “Staffs prices are also set to increase from $13.75 a week to $23.20 – an increase of $9.45 a week.”


Parking here is only free for the first 15 minutes, which pretty much just gives you enough time to find a park. Expect to pay up to $10 for the first two hours and almost $18 for the full five hours. Concessional parking is free for the first three hours with one exit costing $5.50.



8. Central Coast Stadium Car Park

You can park for free in front of the Central Coast Stadium at the Brian Mcgowan Bridge Carpark. Again, this Gosford parking lot is a bit removed from the city centre, which can be a major inconvenience.


Also, remember that this car park is right next to the stadium, meaning that it will be virtually impossible to find a spot during most events. Security personnel guard this parking area thoughout the entire day before an event, preventing the public from parking here.



9. Central Coast Leagues Club Car Park

This one’s great if you’re a member of the Central Coast League Club. The club offers free parking for members! A parking attendant will likely be checking members cards early in the morning and during special events.


If you’re in it just for the parking, then this one’s probably not for you. But considering the many facilities and 24/7 eateries, a Central Coast Leagues Club membership may just do it. Think of free parking as an extra perk!



10. Imperial Centre Gosford

Imperial Centre Gosford is a small shopping complex in Gosford CBD. Although technically designed for customers, this car park’s gates are often open and unmanned.


You can take your chances at free parking here or pay up to $10 in the nearby Gosford City car park; a tough choice to make, really!



11. Gosford Hospital Parking

Aside from the new car park on Showground Road, Gosford Hospital has a multilevel carpark on its premises.


The P1 multi-storey car park is located off Racecourse Road. Public parking is available on all levels and parking spaces are almost always available.


A limited number of 10 minute drop off/ pick up spaces are also available on Level 4. These allow visitors to set down, escort a patient into the hospital and then find a parking space elsewhere.


For easy access to the hospital, take the car park lift to Level 4 and follow the signs to the Main Entry.


Here are the rates in more detail:


  • 15 mins to 1 hour $6.70
  • 1 to 2 hours $9.90
  • 2 to 3 hours $13.30
  • 3 to 4 hours $15.50
  • 4 to 5 hours $17.80
  • Over 5 hours $19.90
  • Maximum daily fee $19.90


12. Gosford Golf Club Car Park

As you’ve probably already guessed, members of the Gosford Golf Club have priority. However, the carpark is rarely full, especially during the week. Gosford Golf Club has just installed a new boom gate, allowing easy access for non-membered patrons.


Both members of the public and healthcare professionals can park here all day for just $10. You also have the option to spend $10 inside the club which allows you to park for free.


Their pro golf shop is open from 6 am, selling an array of takeaway food, drinks and delicious snacks. So why not grab a sandwich and drink for lunch before heading to work. Especially if it allows you to have a bite to eat and park all-day for free. Just remember to ask for a parking token before you leave.



Gosford parking



That’s it. Here’s a map to go along with your Gosford parking guide! Keep it handy next time you head to town. It’ll help you find the best parking spots around you. Early is always better and the more you familiarise yourself with these locations, the higher the chances you’ll find an ideal park at a lower price.


Never pay more than you think is acceptable. Be wary of private parking companies looking to cash in on commuters’ frustration and confusion!

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